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CAE past paper June 2009

International fund for the environment
The International fund is awarding grants to develop projects which will have a positive impact on the local environment. Write a proposal describing one environmental project you think should be developed and explaining how it would benefit your local community

#words 250

Proposal on an environmental development project

The aim of this proposal is to present an environmental development project and to describe the positive impact it would have on the people of this community.

The town's main problem
Rubbish is the principal problem we have got in this town. Landfill areas are currently scarce, reason for which the garbage that is collected has to be burnt. The black smoke which arises during the burning process reaches the homes of people and causes severe health problems. I strongly believe this community needs to find a healthier way to treat their household waste. Therefore I suggest implementing a system that enables the safe disposal of the waste.

A new approach to solve the problem
It would be infinitely preferable to recycle rubbish rather than burning it. This can be done with plastic, rubber, paper and metal. 
It is of vital importance to first educate the population on the importance of taking care of the environment and then we can start a programme at schools to teach children to classify the rubbish they have at home and even learn to recycle it. 

Eliminating the smoke in town will lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle for our people. Not only will the children benefit from being able to breathe fresher air but also all of us who suffer from respiratory problems. In addition to this we will be contributing to helping the planet by having a much greener town.

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