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travel in germany cae writingTASK

Participate in this competition to win a trip to London.
Choose one of these two categories related to travel:
   -  face to face encounters - people       or animals
   -  the personal approach - issues in       travel

Write your competition entry in 220-260 words.

 Issues in travel

Most travellers, including the most experienced ones, come across unexpected events. This is what happened to me a couple of years ago.

It all started at the airport. I was excited about my journey to an exotic destination, but hardly had I arrived when complications began.  I had to spend a lot of time queuing to have my luggage registered and my identification checked. To make things worse the plane was delayed without any warning. What a waste of time, don’t you agree? 

Another issue apart from the bad timing, was the hotel. When I finally managed to arrive at the heavenly holiday resort I had been dreaming of, I was really disappointed. I was blue in the face to discover that the hotel didn’t correspond to the pictures I had seen on the glossy pages of the travel brochure. Of course after having done such a long journey by plane I had no choice but to stay there. It goes without saying that this mishap almost ruined my holiday.

Fortunately these negative aspects were quickly balanced by all the joy and pleasure of travelling abroad. I discovered other culture, got to know interesting people and learn a lot about the country. I returned home with gorgeous photographs and unforgettable memories.

220 words

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