Friday, 21 November 2014


Report on the Water Circuit Park

The aim of this report on the Water Circuit Park in Lima city is to display some recommendations on how to enhance the park facilities and to give account on why making these positive changes would attract more tourists and visitors to this venue.

The facilities
The Circuit Park, is one of the best well-known tourist attractions in Lima. It is a site which has thirteen ornamental fountains of water which offer an unforgettable lights show when darkness reaches the Limenian sky. Since all the fountains are interactive it allows children to play in the water as well. Each fountain reflects colourful lights and plays enchanting music. Appart from that there are resting areas for adults to sit down and use the free wi-fi.

Improvements to take into account
A first recommendation is to display posters outside the park which warn the public to wear appropiate clothes. All children and any adult standing near the fountain to play or to take photos is inevitably going to get wet. They should be aware of that.  
It would also be wise to have more guardians to ensure the security and the order outside the park, for it has been a matter of great concern that there might be pickpockets in the sometimes crowded queues.

Benefits of the improvements
Being informed of what clothes to wear will prevent people from leaving the park because they got wet. If they stay in the park for longer it means they can buy more souvenirs and it means extra money for the Park. 
As for the security guards on the doors, having a safer place will surely give a better impression on the public who will no doubt recommend your friends to come. 

Provided these recommendations are taken into consideration, we will be able to offer a better service to people and they will respond back by visiting more frequently the Circuit, and not only that but also recommending us to others.

By Salomé Aguilar

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