Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Gold Advanced Exam Maximiser by  Lynda Edwards, Jacky Newbrook.

Proposal on new facilities and servicies for the Sport Centre

The aim of this proposal is to provide ideas for new facilities and services in our Sport and Leisure Centre. 

A brand-new cutting-edge Lab
It is of great necessity to adapt to the modern times. Our users need a place where they can have access to Internet and devices like smartphons and tablets. 
The implementation of this Lab and the adoption of the latest technology will also make possible credit card payment and acloud-based on-line services. To give an example, there will be virtual trainers and app for users to track their own training progress. 

New services: new courses
Other Sport Centres offer the service of Personal Trainers. But this service is very expensive and difficult to implement. As a more doable alternative, we suggest "Small group Martial Art classes". More and more people, in partucular, women are interested in achieving self defense skills in our community. We can offer, to give an example: Karate, taekwondo and ju-jitsu. These sports are also appealing to children, because they teach them discipline and self control.

Recommendations can be easily summarised in two points:

1. Implementation of a new lab
2. Opening of new personalised/small group courses

These innovations will certainly, attract more people and bring financial benefit. At the same time, they will promote satisfaction among our members.

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