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Workexchange for skill acquisition: a tough but rewarding experience


The aim of this report is to assess my experience of working abroad in one of our Company's many divisions in Europe. The benefits and drawbacks of the experience will be briefly discussed and recommendations will be given to other colleagues who may be willing to embark in the same learning-and-work travel adventure next year.

Benefits and drawbacks
The main benefit is without any doubt, learning new skills and procedures. Being able, for example, to observe the way in which our colleagues from a different country deal with our everyday work problems, is a very enriching experience. One learns to think outside the box and try new approches.

Among the difficulties, it must be stated that not speaking the language is a major challenge. Team work is very difficult due to the language barrier. In addition to this, not having any friends at work and not being able to talk to anyone (at least at first), can be depressing.

For anyone interested in travelling on work exchange next year, it would be infinitely preferable to have at least an intermediate level of the language of the country of visit. This will ensure good communication and enable team work. 
Apart from this, I would not recommend the experience to anyone who has difficulty making friends or adapting to new work environments.

In view of all this, I can confirm that the benefts outweigh the drawbacks. The exchange programme is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade one’s own abilities and skills, as well as to meet new fascinating people.

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