Monday, 4 January 2016

Cambridge CPE Essay model


To be or not to be home?

(Tip for the CPE takers: Write always a title, try to be original and choose an eye-catching one !)

Nowadays people live a life in the fast lane, which is not only detrimental to their well-being but can also distort their personalities. Therefore it is of vital importance to entertaining ourselves and find good ways to relax. But what is the best way and the best place to do that? 

There is a group of people who yearn for quietness and simply enjoy being home. For them there is nothing better than just escaping the backbreaking day of work by watching tv in the sofa or reading a riveting book. And not only that, researchers suggest that being in a familiar environment can be the ideal place for  problem-solving and finding peace of mind.  Having a hobby that  you can do in the safety of your own house can truly allow people to reconnect with themselves, it is scientific fact.

Nevertheless there are some people who are more reluctant to stay home and would rather thrive on social activities, especially if they live on their own or simply have nobody around sharing the same hobbies. Spending time in public places can be an alternative to have fun and get to know new people. However the flip side could be that in such circumstances people behave in ways that may fun but not fully help then to relax. Going out can be entertaining but it is certainly also tiring, according to an American psychological study.

Another argument in favour of staying home can be that one´s house tells a lot about one' s personality. The deepest nature of a person is reflected in their possessions, decorations, and the place thay they call home.

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