Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Learning to write an ESSAY for the CPE Cambridge Exam

Task comes from the book: Cambridge English Proficiency
Tip for CPE-takers: You are asked to write an essay based on two pieces of text, so reflect carefully on what they have in common. Try to find a connection between the ideas behind the texts before you even start writing.

Recycling vs just discarding

Some years ago, people would waste and throw less products , but with the industrial age people consume more than in the past to the detriment of the environment, as many goods are no biodegradable.

The current manufacturers produce enormous numbers of items and encourage people to buy new products to replace the old one as soon as possible. As a result the amount of non-biodegradable waste ranging from food packaging, plastic and paper is rocketing at an alarming rate. 
Despite all the measures taken by our government and some eco-friendly citizen movements to have all the waste recycled, more efforts have yet to be made especially when it comes to discarded plastic bags in the environment, which are the most difficult to deal with. Not only do they pollute the land but they also contaminate the seas and poison fish.

In addition to this waste resulting from an excessive consumption of basic needs,  there is the waste produced by the latest technologies. Aggressive advertising campaigns push us to keep up with state-of –the-art devices and just discard the antiquate ones.
To keep up with these  technological advances people don’t hesitate to toss their old devices  like regular garbage despite being in good condition instead of having them recycled. What people perhaps do not know is that these materials are toxic and when thrown away can have a terrible effect on the environment, damaging plants , animal life and even having an impact in our food´ supply.

All in all, living in a throwaway  and consumer society it is everyone’s responsibility to recycle as much as possible to preserve a clean and green environment. It is after all in our hands the power to stop climate change and global warming.
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