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Essay sample for the CPE Proficiency exam

So, you are taking the English Proficiency Exam and you don't know how to write an essay? We are here to help!
Take a look at this Essay example sent by a CPE student in France. 
Task comes from the book: Cambridge English Proficiency

What do clothes say about ourselves?

(Exam tip: Always write a title)

As the saying goes;  'never judge a book by its cover'.  Outfits and looks can be deceiving and are certainly not always a mirror of our real personality. However, what people wear does matter and definitely triggers emotional reactions.
(Exam tip: Always separate text in clear paragraphs).
As a rule of thumb, formal dress is a must for any businessman, executive and entrepreneur.  This way of dressing projects an image of success, trustworthy and professionalism. Whereas  a sloppy and casual apparel  prompts a negative image. On the other hand, being too formally dressed can also create a strained atmosphere especially in a professional environment, putting customers at distance if not in discomfort.

There are special occasions when dress-codes should be especially paid attention to.  Events such as weddings, graduations and funerals, are times in which people should pay special attention to what they wear.
And as for uniforms? Police officers, firefighters or doctors are constraint to wear uniforms which do not necessarily tell a lot about their individual personalities, but rather the personality of the institution the uniform represents. Indeed, they can represent justice , law or authority  and there is undoubtedly an impact on the use of them.

It goes without saying that clothes have an important part to play at giving a first impression and at telling a lot about a person’s life-story. However we can easily be misleaded by our first impressions on someone and make false assumptions, so better to always be careful and dont jump into conclusions so eagerly.
Essay posted by Syb from France
Text edited by Gustavo Albarracín  @galbarracinq
255 words

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