Saturday, 16 January 2016


Written by Gustavo Albarracín  @galbarracinq

It is now a couple of years since I took and successfully passed the CPE Cambridge Proficiency exam. And funny as it may sound, I remember it as one of the best moments of my life. The pride and satisfaction I felt are hard to describe, so if you are a student or a teacher preparing yourself to take this language examination, I can totally understand what you are going through.
This is my 5 quick-tips list for the exam:
1. Take your time.
Rome was not built in a day. The CPE Cambridge exam is a very high level English test, so I really think you need to seriously prepare for it. Make a plan, take a course and wait until the time is ripe. Click here to practise for the exam.
2. How much do you read?
I know that a lot of people out there don´t really enjoy reading, but if you want to learn new vocabulary, you will definitely have to do so. My advice? Find a book that you like. You don't need to read boring grammar books to improve your language. Look for a topic that interests you and go for it!
3. Square eyes
It is a myth that telly is bad for you. A great way to improve your listening and vocabulary is
watching Tv. So I suggest you start watching some British shows. It will not hurt.
4. Socialise !
It is so easy now to get in touch with people from all over the world. What best way to practise your English than with some English-speaking friends? Time and distance are not even a problema anymore, you can always try Skype.
5. Confidence is key
I know so many people who get blocked when they are ready to take the exam. That is a pitty. You
need to work on your self-confidence and be familiar with your strenghts and weeknesses. The more you prepare for the exam, the more confident you will feel. The more relaxed you are the day of the exam, the best results you will get.
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