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Number of words: 300

You read the following announcement in an international students’ magazine.


Our producers are looking for locations to include in a documentary about your country. If you can recommend an interesting place, please, write to us. You should explain why the location should be included in the documentary, and suggest which local people should appear, giving reasons for your choices.

The winners will have the chance to appear in the documentary.

Write your competition entry(Task from "CAE Testbuilder Tests that Teach", by Amanda French)

Pearls of Russia
Russia is commonly known as the biggest country in the world, so there is a great amount of fascinating places which are worth featuring in the Atlas documentary. I’d like to describe 3 of my favourite ones.

1. Moscow: Russia’s heart
Moscow is the capital of Russia and is located in the middle of the country. This city is widely famous for its vast size, beauty and its friendly and very accommodating inhabitants. Behind the glitz of the modern megapolis there’s a range of historical churches and monasteries. This contrast of old and new makes the city perfect to be the star of the documentary. It would also be very interesting to film some young Moscow art students, because they are cosmopolitan and fashion and could represent well the future of Russia.

2. St.Petersburg: The cultural capital
Most residents of St- Petersburg consider this city to be the cultural centre of Russia because of its many monuments, art galleries and museums. Visiting this city you can enjoy a calm atmosphere and be surrounded with thoroughly polite, well-educated and level-headed people. So I would recommend some shots of this cultural heritage sites and maybe of the local residents, who are very elegant, conservative and charming.

3. Ded Moroz’s kingdom
Each Russian child knows this ancient city, which is located in the North of Russia. It seems in some ways miraculously untouched by time. The unique cathedrals, churches and monasteries of Veliky Ustyug attract ever-increasing number of tourists. Ded Moroz, Russia’s equivalent of Santa Claus, lives a few miles outside Veliky Ustyug. The camera should capture some winter scenes of this location and film some Russian children having fun in the snow. This would portray a very peaceful and harmonic image of Russia.

Personally, I think these cities undoubtedly deserve a place in the Atlas documentary.

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