Wednesday, 24 August 2016

CPE Exam RESTAURENT REVIEW: Kaidi Kitchen (Mylapore)

Submitted by Monika Agarwal
# of words: 280


Your local newspaper is asking its readers to write a review of a restaurant where you have eaten recently and would recommend to others.

Write your review in 280-320 words

CPE Exam 

RESTAURENT REVIEW: Kaidi Kitchen (Mylapore)

Kaidi Kitchen’ is a restaurant in the centre of Mylapore city. It is one of my favourite places to enjoy a meal because of its original decoration, a prison cell, and the fact that it attracts a young, international, artistry and interesting crowd as well.  

As you enter the venue you are welcomed by a very attentive staff of waiters, who are dressed up as jailors. They will take you to the table you are assigned to and tell you all about the prison´s menu. But if you are fearing you will get mouldy bread and a piece of old chewy cheese to eat, you are totally wrong. This has to be the first jail where prisoners eat like kings. 

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters. I had the cheese fondue accompanied by nachos, while my parents had Greek cottage cheese accompanied by crispy chilli baby corn. They were literally to die for. The main course was India inspired and consisted of Schezwan noodles and vegetable Manchurian, which was also delicious. It all was followed by baked Rasgulla for dessert.

All the products were fresh and the dishes had the taste of home-made food. The chefs take great care in selecting the best seasonal ingredients. The restaurant also provides a large selection of the best cocktails in town, which I found pricy but worth paying for.

Despite the high price of the food I would definitely recommend this restaurant. I found out that the charming waiters are also trained actors, so that and the quality of the food, make the place doble special. I no-doubt advise everyone to go to Kaidi kitchen.

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