Monday, 14 November 2016

CPE 2016 Essay Practice Correction

Submitted by Cesar Mendez Chavez

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Essay on Advertising

In the following paragraphs, I will summarise and evaluate two texts related to advertising. While both authors address its evolution in the digital era, one focuses on the excitement of the business while the other criticises it.   

On the one hand, outdoor advertising has always been the means to reach potential consumers. With the evolution of technology, digital media has taken over and made advertising an affordable opportunity to call potential customers’ attention, entertain them, and keep them informed. Huge digital plasma screens and billboards are now the key element for advertisers to creatively persuade customers in a lively brightening environment.

On the other hand, what was seen as harmless outdoor publicity in the past, is now considered overwhelming as a result of the digitalization of advertising. Too many So much digital advertising pollutes the environment causing disturbance on people who don’t even want to be bombarded with such brightness and distracting media.

From my perspective, digital advertising is proof of change, evolution, and liveliness. Technology is a characteristic of the XXI century we just can’t live without. Not taking advantage of it would represent being stuck in time, not willing to keep up with the new advantages of the media and remaining dull.

To conclude, digital advertising is something we need to learn to live with. We just can’t stop evolution from taking place, simply because it’s human nature. Otherwise, we would still be living in caves. 

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