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Essay on the role of computers

As far as I am concerned, Both texts are dealing deal with the place role of computers in the life of modern people. However, each of them expresses a different opinion.

The first text claims that computers are the most ingenious invention of all times. It says states that information from all over the world has become widely used and available for any user. From my point of view, it is one of the most valuable advantages for professionals. For example, computers make it possible for businessmen to establish interstate and international relationships. This has a favourable impact on the state of the economy of the country. 

Regarding education, it is important to add that computers allow students to access a wide range of information at a moment's notice and to join on-line courses. It also enable students doing a semester abroad to keep in touch with their families, as well as to keep up-dated to whatever it is happening in their countries. As a matter of fact, the latest statistics suggest that most people inform themselves reading online news, not newspapers.

The second text shows us the antithetic point of view. It claims that as computers let people obtain responses to any question, the users almost stop thinking. Take for example the case of students googling answers instead of figuring them out themselves. I suppose that I could agree with this statement to a certain extent. There are also those who spend time in front of their computer only to play games. Which may mean computers are a source of distraction instead of being a source of information. This problem is widely spread among teenagers and their parents should pay attention to it.

On the whole, computers have advantages and disadvantages and it is up to us to determine their influence on our life.

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