Wednesday, 16 November 2016

CPE Essay on Advertising Sample Correction.

Submitted by Magda Kowal

Essay on Advertising

Advertising has become one of the most dynamically developing branches of our economy. Both texts address its evolution and the controversy of whether it is useful or harmful for our society.

The first extract endorses the concept of electronically-enhanced vivid imagery to serve the purpose of attracting customers to a business. As well as its potential to  provide information and entertain people. 

In addition, the writer states that innovative methods of advertising come with substantial economical advantages, considering their effectiveness to promote products and services. An example of these is the wide range of products being developed by the industry of digital screen media.

The second extract, on the contrary, expresses potential dangers connected to the world of digital advertising. According to the author, not only does it intrude upon our lives but also victimises those members of society who find themselves more susceptible to such an aggressive form of persuasion. These people are rarely able to differentiate between what product they truly require as opposed to the one the advertisement convinces them to purchase. 

Instead of enriching our environment, the author also argues that digital billboards ruin our landscapes in the name of consumerism. He states that he almost misses the days of run-off-the-mill, unimportant and discarded advertising posters.

As I see it, the world would surely be a better place to live in without constant flashy reminders of what product should act as our next craving. Not to mention the obvious dangers of even glancing at a blinking billboard and being momentarily blinded by it while driving.

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