Thursday, 6 April 2017

Formal Letter Sample CPE / Nicolas Procopio-CPESampleWritings


You recently attended a training course which was exceptionally good. Now you have decided to write a letter directly to the course leader. Say why the course was exceptional, why it was particularly suitable for you and how you are benefiting from it now. Write your letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my high level of satisfaction with the philosophy course which I attended in your school in Madrid last summer. I have to admit that having participated in many disappointing workshops and seminars in the past, I arrived with very low expectations, but I was soon to find out that your course is exceptionally interesting.

Each and every lecturer was a very knowledgeable and highly-regarded college professor. In my opinion, this is your strongest suit, as nobody else in the whole city has managed to gather such an elite group of people under the same roof. Being there allowed me to increase my network, which is going to be particularly useful for me next year when I have to write my dissertation. 

Regarding the content of the course, the professors made sure to provide us with an overwhelmingly wide range of topics of study, which was fantastic. We even discussed branches of Philosophy that are brand new.  Truth be told, I was completely taken aback by the quality of your course and I would recommend that any Philosophy undergraduate gives it a go, as it will give them an incredibly useful insight into the very depths of our field.

Having done your course, I feel completely prepared to write the last part of my dissertation paper – arguably, the most difficult one. That is why I wanted to express my gratitude in the most thoughtful way. 

Looking forward to attending new courses in your school in the future,

yours faithfully,

Nicolás Procopio 
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