Monday, 29 May 2017

CPE Writing practice. Restaurant Review

Dear Gustavo
My name is Kate. I'm on the way to my CPE exam in June and saw your ad about sample writing corrected for free.
I'd like to send you my review of a restaurant. I might as well send you more because I know from my own experience how badly you need to read some samples sometimes when you prepare for your exam.
Hope you like it!
Katerina Katabi

Restaurant review Chester

There are a number of restaurants, bars and cafes in our city which cater for different tastes of their guests. But there is one that stands out for its unique atmosphere and an excellent service. (Which one??? ) Even though it has recently opened, it became an immediate success, so to avoid any disappointment the reservation has to be made well in advance. (Recommendations maybe at the end, not in the intro)

The first thing that strikes you as you enter the place is the interior created by a famous and trendy designer. A former industrial loft converted into a restaurant may appear inappropriate for making the dining experience pleasant. On the contrary, it adds to exquisite atmosphere and genteel ambience of the restaurant. In fact, it’s the tasteful design and flawless surroundings that attract visitors here in the first place.

However, the atmosphere would count for nothing if the quality of the service and the selection of food and wine were poor. (But which food? which wine??? )A highly welcoming staff of hostesses and waiters will make you feel at home and be readily at your disposal for any request or query. It gives you a warm feeling compared to the disdainful glances of the staff in other restaurants as they immediately start to look down on you if all you want to order is a cup of coffee. (Try to follow an order. This paragraph about the food and the next about the staff).

As soon as the menu is served you can spend a good half an hour going through its pages. It does spoil for choice even the fussiest eater. No matter what diet you are keeping – vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and so on – you’ll invariably find something delectable to your taste. Salads and main courses come from different cuisines and are made of luxury ingredients. Desserts, in the highly unlikely event you have room for them, are done to perfection and are simply heavenly. The only complaint is the winelist, otherwise quite good, but it does not list vintages and seem to be a bit over-priced. To compensate for that the restaurant has its own brewery and offers a real bargain for different kinds of beers.

Just when you think your night out couldn’t be better, a mellow piano music will please your ear and take you on a romantic journey to classic jazz and blues of the 1930s. Most probably that will be the ultimate reason why you would want to come back. Though experienced in going to restaurants I may be, Chester is easily the best place I’ve been to in years. Not only did it live up to my expectations, but exceeded them. A chance to have quality time out with your family or friends and a marvelous dining experience in Chester is not to be missed. (Is this the conclusion? This is too long)

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