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CPE 2017 Film Review Sample and Correction

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I really appreciated your last correction, and would kindly ask for this piece of writing to be checked out too. 

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A cultural magazine is running a series on the educational value of historical films. It has invited readers to send in reviews of films which taught them about a period of history. You decide to send in a review. Your review should briefly describe the film and explain in what ways it interested you in the historical period concerned. Write your review.

Feedback in red

Film Review onLa vie est belle”

I really enjoyed the last number of this cultural magazine. In it, you invited readers to submit a review of a movie depicting a certain moment in history and by the way consider the pivotal contribution of the cinema world on educational fields. (Important Info is missing, like where the movie was filmed, or name of director, company which produced it... etc. So consider: My favourite film is a Warner Bros' 1998 classic, entitled...which was directed by... and starred...)

The movie I have chosen is “La vie est belle”, as referred to in the title, and I have chosen this particular one as it staggeringly illustrates the political turmoil of the XIX century and typifies the morass of despair reigning over Europe back in the dictatorships. What comes across in the film is an honourable set of values, such as faith and resistance -with millions of jewish citizens ploughing ahead with their beliefs in spite of the jeopardy this entailed. (Not clear what kind of film this is)

However, much as I regret pointing this out, it must also be outlined that it is in times of poverty that cunning solutions are on the rise. Indeed, as the saying goes: “Necessity is the mother of invention” . And it was during the world wars that scientific break-throughs proliferated, along with several budding scientists we now owe most of our technological appliances.

On a whole, the movie speaks about a sentiment of superiority of the aryan race and hatred towards the spare, but more specifically gypsies, jews and black people. Racism and ableism were the order of the day in these times. The movie effectively exposes the sordid underbelly of fundamentalism, which is, along with the greed of high-fliers, what in my opinion prompted this situation: a jewish family of refugees being forced to emigrate from their home country. The father of the family tricks his child into believing he is playing hide-and-seek, lest he realises the actual motif of their inveterate travelling is not pleasure, but persecution. (You need a simple plan in your mind like: Paragraph 1 important info about the movie, paragraph 2 plot, paragraph 3 positive points, paragraph 4 critics to the actors, music, pace, effects...paragraph 5 recommendation)

It is, in a nutshell, a movie worth giving a go. There is much to be learned from it, and even more to be personally gained.

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