Monday, 10 July 2017

CPE 2017 Letter of Complaint Sample and Feedback

Dear Gustavo
I would like you to revise and check the letter I attach to this email.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Feedback in red

Dear Sirs Editor,

I am writing to complain about the TV  Coca Cola advertisement shown yesterday afternoon (date)  during Tom and Jerry episodes on NBC (time?).

The advertisement promoted  portrays two children who... appeared in a green park, playing with a frisbee and their lovely puppy. After having a wonderful time, they were given a couple of soda cans. At the same time, an off-voice said that that product was one of the most suitable alternatives to be successful using the phrase "Be happy, drink Coke". To make matters worse, children on the advertisement were shown with their mothers, who were smoking cigarettes while discussing about business. Needless to say that after having drunk the product, both kids were shown with big smiles on their faces and happily sharing with their families. (No need to write a whole paragraph describing the advertisement. Write just 2 lines about it and then explain clearly what the problem is with children drinking cola or people smoking). 

I feel that this sort of advertisements should not be seen by kids.  Sodas are neither healthy nor suitable for children. As a matter of fact, sugared products like sodas are the prevalent cause for children´s obesity.  Moreover, there are plenty of scientific researches which reveal that children will have a longer life expectancy if they are prevented from consuming sugar and flour until they are sixteen years old or older. Regarding the issued of smoking, I am absolutely conscious of the fact that deciding whether to smoke is up to everyone.  While I have no objection to smokers, I strongly feel  that this sort of harmful products should not be advertised during children´s programmes as they may not be able to understand the difference between a well-promoted product and a healthy one. They may probably become an easy target for advertisers due to the fact that they are not aware of the damage those products can cause. (This paragraph is too long compared with the others. Consider breaking it in two. And don't you think your point of view is a little bit extreme? There are certainly some positive Coca Cola tv advertisements that I remember).

To sum up I would kindly request you to stop advertising this product during the time children are likely to be watching TV. I have already written to Coca Cola Co. asking them not to show this advertisement during safe harbour hours. (Sounds a bit too aggressive)

I look forward to hearing from you
Yours faithfully

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