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CAE 2017 Report Sample and Feedback


I’m preparing myself to the CAE and it would be very helpful if you correct my writings. Please, find attached 3 pieces, I don’t know if it’s possible to correct all of them.

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Encarnación Muñoz 

Feedback in red

Report on the Staff Development Programme


In this report I will provide a description of the training course carried out to improve the performance of our staff at work. (Make it more formal. Don't use "I": The following report provides...)

Organisation of the training modules ( This subtitle not connected with the Task. Read it again. I would suggest "Contents of the course and most useful moduls") 

I have recently attended the training course organised by the company in order to workers get more information and develop some skills required in this activity. (Same, don't use "I". Write: The training was organised with the aimed of...)
I have to say that the information given in the course is hugely useful, but it should be scheduled in other date. At this moment, everybody is really busy and workers find it difficult to set aside time to not miss the course.
There is no point arguing that the sessions are too long and dense, what makes even harder to get the most of the training.

Alternative course  (I would suggest: Benefits of taking the course).

I would recommend to divide the content is several shorter sessions according to the main topics to deal with.
Perhaps, not everybody needs to receive the whole information. So, there can be some specific sessions to people involved in that area, whereas who is not working on that subject would only receive a short session just to get some knowledge.


I would like to make the following recommendations:

  • Schedule the training course in a less busy time.
  • Divide the sessions into shorter modules to ease people to attend.
  • Ensure the content is targeted to the people who are meant to attend them. (Feedback: It is better to write a paragraph. )

If these recommendations are implemented, the training programme will be much more successful.

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