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CPE Exam Preparation 2018 - Essay Sample

Hello Gustavo!
I have found your site on the web and would like to thank you for its beneficial and useful content.
My name is Anuta Koval. I am 23 years old. In May 2018 I am going to take CPE. Please read and correct my piece of writing on man and music.
I will greatly appreciate any comments.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 


Men and the Music

In this essay I make an attempt to summarize and evaluate two texts, which cast light upon the beneficial sides of music making and the idea of introducing music to the school curriculum.

Text 1 The first text, entitled “The Effects of Music” acquainta us with the a couple of ideas. The first idea relates to the fact that musical ability is universal. That’s a fair suggestion. When I was a freshman and participated in the University Choir, our conductor insisted that vocal art could easily be learned. Much to my surprise, the majority of us aced it by the end of the first year. Moreover, the text underlines the emotive power of music. This fact is self-evident. With no need of verbalization, music penetrates to the sacredness of the heart and thus is able to describe the widest emotional palette.

In the second text “Music in Schools?” two questions are analysed as well. Initially, the author lists advantages of making music. I see eye to eye with him. Mastering the art of playing the piano or the violin is a right and sure way to train IQ, improve memory, coordination and concentration, to widen your worldview. The debate of what kind of music should be taught at schools follows. I’d love to support the author of the text and vote for classical music. A treasure box of sheer beauty, it is a compendium of the finest melodies and harmonies throughout the Ages.

Ultimately, I am of the opinion that music plays a vital role in human development, especially in formative years. Therefore, everyone should be given a chance to become involved in this multifaceted art.    

Dear Anuta, with the exception of a couple of commas or a word that missed an "s", I found your essay fantastic.
Well done!

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