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CPE Writing Exam 2018 Review Sample

FInd Attached my first training review for CPE. 
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A well-known magazine for English language learners has asked for reviews from readers about useful resources for learning English.
You have recently discovered Write and Improve, a new writing tool for learners of English. Write a review for the magazine describing the main features of the tool and why it is/isn’t helpful. Include details about what you like about the tool and about any difficulties you had with it, and finish by giving your recommendation for other readers.

Review on the new English-learning tool:  
"Write & Improve"

Hailed as the bedrock of knowledge, the Internet affords a profusion offers a wide variety of resources for ESOL students. Whereas much misinformation has been updated overtime, there are few, if any, trustworthy WebPages so as learning English. Despite personally finding most of the pages for learning English rather disappointing, I have to admit that Write&Improve, is an exception. Developed by the respected think-tank Cambridge Dictionary, it caters for a whole host provides useful tools as well as best-practices writing tips. (Feedback: If you mention Writing Tools and Writing Tips in the intro, I expect to read about it in the next paragraphs)

The feature that I like the most is the Online Feedback. No sooner had I handed in my first assignment than I received comprehensive and duly detailed explanation of my comments on my work, emphasising on both my weaknesses and strengths. The Online Feedback epitomises an effective, groundbreaking methodology as far as learning English concerns. Although I found it as a noteworthy, effusive feature that positively hastens the student’s learning curve, it requires, in lieu thereof, 10 assignments to notice your enhancement.  Therefore, only after I submitted an array of 15 writings I have noticed the progress of my academic capacity. (Feedback: 4 last lines are just too difficult to read. Yes, it is good to use "sophisticated vocabulary" but not when it makes the reader struggle to understand what you mean. Make it simpler)

Another fantastic feature is the Online Community...
And yet, if there is a consummate quality I would like to extol, this is for all intents and purposes the 
Online Community which evinces how useful Write&Improve it is deemed worldwide. In this section, the fact that not only other students’ writings are publicly published on the site but all of them are also checked has rendered me sheer bowled over. Thanks to this service, in a twinkling of an eye you can pinpoint the most common mistakes students make. (Difference between the Online Feedback Feature and the Online Community feature is not clear. Is the second a chat room?Do both of them provide feedback? From who?)

To sum up and as if Online Community and Online Feedback weren't enough, Write&Improve it is replete with other cunningly devised sections explained in minute detail, prompting a satisfactory response to the students encouraging them to relish learning English. Were I to be facing official Cambridge exams, I would I highly recommend Write&Improve to people preparing for a Cambridge Exam.

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