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CPE 2018 Essay Sample on Tourism and feedback

Dear Gustavo, 

My name is Ester Olivas and I contact you regarding my preparation for the Cambridge English Proficiencly Exam next March. 

I saw on your blog that you are available for reviewing any piece of writing that we draft in preparation for the exam. I therefore take the liberty to submit an essay that I prepared based on the instructions of the practice test that I am doing, which I also submit for your reference. Would yo be so kind of taking a look at it and send back to me your comments and recommendations? It would be extremelly useful to have a better understanding of the aspects that I shall improve. 

I look forward to your response and thank you in advance for your valuable help. 

Kind regards, 


Feedback: Text that I think may need correction is in red.
Good luck in the exam!


Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most changing sectors of the last decade. Thanks to the creation of on-line mechanisms to facilitate travelling, almost everyone may choose an attractive destination for their holidays. However as tourism becomes more accessible to all pockets, many coastal villages and their habitants have suffered the devastating impact of such an overwhelming popularity. The two texts contract different views from users of these holiday venues and some within the tourism industry on the impact that such evolved sector has had on seaside areas.

The first text states very strongly how small and barely known villages by the sea have been converted into crowded and unliveable places. Unfortunately, we can find some sad examples of this in Spain, like Benidorm in Alicante or Tarifa in Cadiz. These were beautiful fishermen towns which, fascinated by the business potential that tourism could bring to their regions were converted into overbooked ugly impersonalized villages. As a consequence, most of its charming nature was forgotten when not destroyed and many traditional jobs disappeared.

However, it is important to maintain some hope on the redirectioning of tourism. In this sense, the second text raises the opinion of many within the tourism industry, who complaint against the critics’ view about it. They point out their priority to undertake action to restore the true nature of summer locations, even if it is not clear if their motivation relies on their engagement to sustainability rather than their interest to improve their fame in the sector.

I personally consider that, in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of coastal villages, any initiatives seeking to prevent the destruction of these areas should be fostered. In addition, we should all rethink about our debt to these beautiful places that welcome us with open arms, hence contributing with our attitude and behaviour to their preservation. 

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