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CPE 2018 Report on a jobs fair Sample

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Writing Task:

Write an answer to one of the questions 2 – 5 in this part. Write your answer in 280 – 320 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

Resultado de imagen de jobs fair young peopleA jobs fair was recently held in your town for international organisations and companies to promote careers available for young people. You have been asked to write a report of the jobs fair for your college website. You should briefly describe the event and identify two or three promotions of particular interest and relevance. You should also evaluate the extent to which such events can open young people’s minds to new challenges and career opportunities. Write your report.

Jobs fair in Barcelona

Description of the event

Last June I had the opportunity to attend an international jobs fair which was hosted by Barcelona University from 3rd to 6th June. It was aimed not only at Barcelona University’s students but also at young people wishing to broaden their career horizons. There were a handful of stands promoting job offers, in which it was possible to leave your Curriculum Vitae, so it was a pretty good chance for those looking for employment who wanted to be taken into consideration. This was regarded as also a great opportunity to make networking. build contacts in their field of expertise, which could have a positive impact in their jobs prospects in the future. (Description of the event is missing. Were there speakers? Was it possible to eat there? How many companies took part? What kind of jobs were available?) 

Promotions of interest 

Personally speaking, I would go as far as to say that there were two promotions which were exceptionally fascinating. (Sounds really old-fashioned) The first one was from a company called Star, which offered a job position as a cultural mediator. They were actively seeking for young people who were fluent in at least two languages and knew how to manage themselves in an intercultural atmosphere. Also, they were willing to offer a training course for those interested. so even if the applicants were not familiar with the cultural background required, they would be suitable for the job.
Regarding the second promotion that drew my attention, it was from California University. They were offering job positions as a Spanish teacher abroad, and it was particularly interesting due to the fact that candidates had the chance to become members of the investigation team of the university. Therefore, regardless of their branch of knowledge, applicants could teach Spanish and also advance their careers by investigating in a prestigious university.

( A whole paragraph is missing: See task/ You should also evaluate the extent to which such events can open young people’s minds to new challenges and career opportunities.)


I general, I can say that the jobs fair surpassed any expectations I had. In my opinion, this was an eye-broadening experience as young people were able to see the reality in the job market, and also to lean towards a different path in their careers. For instance, some of my friends had never thought of teaching Spanish until they attended the fair.

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