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Review of The Jungle Book 3D film

You belong to an English-language film club where you recently saw a film in 3D. You have agreed to write a review of this film for the group´s monthly newsletter. In this review you should give your opinion of the 3D effects in the film and say whether you think 3D adds anything in general, to the experience of watching a movie, as well as giving your opinion about the actual movie itself, and whether and to whom you would recommend it. (The task comes from the book: "Succeed in Cambridge English: Proficiency" by Global ELT ).

Film review on “The Jungle Book 3D”

When Rudyard Kipling, the author of the Jungle Book, finished writing his master piece more than a hundred years ago, he probably foresaw the success his work would have one day; but not that his gorillas and wildebeests would come into life through the magic of 3D . On occasion of the release of the 3D version of the movie this year, I write this lines to highlight the positive and not so positive features.

First of all, and just in case there is anyone who is not familiar with the book itself, the plot revolves around the incredible life of a child who is abandoned in the jungle at birth and who is raised by wolves. Riveting story, isn't it? Well, it all becomes even more exciting in 3D. As far as I am concerned, technology adds to the story by making what we see almost seem real.

Secondly, and at this point it must be rather clear that I actually enjoyed the film, the acting by Neel Sethi and Bill Murray is superb. No one could deny the great job of these two stars, specially during the action scenes. In it also during these scenes that we can better appreciate the powerful effect of 3D. This is however not surprising, because former films such as “Star Trek” and “Indiana Jones” have already used this technology to engage us into their plots and blown our minds away.

Thirdly, and my last reason to recommend this film, the soundtrack ist brilliant. The music and in general the sound of the film is largely plausible. If there is anything that could be criticised, is maybe that it at times is rather dark, but considering the story takes places in the jungle, that is quite understandable.

All in all I would no doubt recommend ‘The Jungle Book 3D’ to both children and adults. Anyone passionate about animals and of course 3D effects will fall for this movie.

Words: 330
Text by Patricia de Pastors

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