Tuesday, 21 February 2017

FCE Writing Correction and Feedback

Hola! he visto en tu página que se te pueden mandar writings para corregirlos.
Te mando un essay para el first y si puedes ayudarme, lo agradezco!



Is it better to have older or younger parents?

Due to factors like the economic crisis and the need to find good jobs, many people delay having children and become parents at a rather old age. But is it good for children? I believe there are actually many advantages in having young parents. 

First of all parents and sons have more things in common because the generational gap between them is thin. They are likely to share hobbies, music and taste for trips, which contributes to a good relationship.

Secondly, they have a similar way of doing things and understanding the world. It is possible for them to talk about everything, put in each other´s shoes and find solutions to problems 

Thirdly, they share more or less the same level of energy. An old parent will have more difficulty in teaching their children how to ride a bike, just to give an example.

To conclude, I think that, it is better to have young parents. They share more things with you and they even understand you better.

Words: 180


1. Respect the number of words. The original text had 210 words, so I had to reduce it,
2. It was written from an adult''s perspective, but the question is: is it better to have older parents?
So, I re-wrote it as if a young person was answering.

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