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CPE Essay Sample 2018 Tourism

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My name is Franco and I'm a Italian student who is going to sit for the CPE exam on this May 2018. So, I would be so grateful if you don't mind to help me correct my Essay about Tourism.
Please refer to the Word document  in attached.

I'm looking forward to your feedback and should be great if you can mark my home work with a score aligned  with CPE Assessment of Writing.
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The downside of tourism
Despite the importance of the tourism industry to local economies there are significant costs to being a popular holiday destination. Local cultures can suffer as the needs of the tourist are given priority. For example, local shops can be demolished to make way for larger retail developments. In addition, the negative effects on the environment are well documented. Areas suffering from scarce water, food and energy resources can see the situation deteriorate with the extra demand caused by an influx of tourists. There will often be a physical impact as well, with increases in local pollution or the effect on the eco-system of large-scale construction. More significantly, the generation of income for the local economy is often lower than envisaged. The majority of income can often go to multi-nationals such as airline companies and hotel chains.
Recent years have seen a growth in what is termed 'eco-tourism'. The aim of eco-tourism is to unite conservation and communities through sustainable travel. So what are the key elements of eco-tourism? In addition to minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment, successful eco-tourism should also raise the awareness of cultural and environmental issues amongst the local host destination and the visiting tourist. Eco-tourism should be a positive experience for the local community as well as the tourist. Finally, eco-tourism should offer clear financial benefits to local people and to local conservation issues.
Text that needs correction is in red 

The downside of Tourism

Tourism can be considered one of the biggest and fastest growing industries across the globe. In this essay, I will include some pros and cons that brings the industry of tourism 
to our everyday life.

With no doubt, we have several benefits having a well-developed tourism in the local area like an increase on service offering to tourists along with an increase of building construction for Hotel and Rents Apartments to satisfy the different needs of tourists.

However, exists there is a well-defined link between tourism and impact to the environment that implies a critical balance to guarantee a sustainable development for the future generations.

The local government needs to define an accurate strategy planning, on purpose to protect
local culture and commerce against larger retail developments that consume extensive land and make pressure on utility provisioning.  In practice, we should aim toward a sustainable tourism (i.e. eco-tourism). Feedback: Change or re-write this paragraph// paragraph needs corrections

In Italy for instance, there are some people that who decide to spend their vacation with a mountain bike, on purpose to do a journey visiting Nebrodi National Park in Sicily. It is an extensive green area that makes able to appreciate a wildlife along with good food on Agritourism. Or in Tuscany, visiting Park of Mountain "Casentinesi”, perfectly and well protected wildlife area, spending some time in a wonderful and peacefully resort.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that only an ecotourism without impacting the environment can guarantee a good opportunity also for future generation. It is imperative for us to select more and more this kind of tourism, giving a robust signal to big companies on the right direction to invest and make progress.

Final Comment
Dear Franco, I recommend using the model most CPE students use:
4 paragraphs: Intro, summary of text 1 + own opinion, summary of text 2 + own opinion, and conclusion

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