Thursday, 17 May 2018

CAE 2018 Proposal sample and feedback

Sample sent by Donato M

feedback in red


On account of the current lack of support offered to the college’s international students, this proposal is intended to make some suggestions as to how the website could better cater to their needs.

After closely examining the website’s content, it became evident that information regarding seminars and local events was is insufficient. Therefore, I would recommend  providing accurate timetables giving and a clear overview of what seminars and events international students have the chance to can experience attend at our college. Not only would this enable them to acclimatise to the new environment, but they would also raise their cultural awareness, which is crucial when studying abroad.  (check last sentence)

Moreover, International students might feel isolated from their peers and are very likely to encounter some difficulties when approaching their classmates. This usually happens because most students have yet to acquaint themselves with get used to the way our education system works living and socializing with a different culture. To crub this issue, it would be advisable to add a chat section to the website, where international students woud be able to get in touch with other foreign  students who have been in their same situation and exchange views and impressions. I feel strongly that this input would stand international students in good stead and would greatly boost their performance as well as their morale.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly believe that, should these suggestions be implemented effectively, the website will prove to be a useful tool for any foreign student willing to study here and that their permanence at our college will definitely be much more enjoyable. (Try breaking this long sentence is two to make it reader friendlier).

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