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CPE 2018 Article Sample Globalization

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An international current affairs magazine has invited readers to contribute articles entitled “Globalization – good news or bad?” for its next issue. You decide to write an article explaining your personal views on the topic. 280-320 words.

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In the last decades we have faced a sweeping change in the way we live our lives that would have been completely unimaginable just 100 years ago.  We now have the chance to communicate with whoever we want at the time we desire, to travel to the farthest corner of the world at a reasonable price and all that thanks to what we call globalization. Everything is faster and easily affordable regardless of our economic resources and/or social status. How can this be bad news? (Are you sure about that? how? What do you mean by "everything"?)

Globalization has certainly brought great advantages to every sphere of our life: from our job to our private life, we are now constantly connected to social media and new technologies, which allow us to have an up-to-date glance of the reality that surrounds us. Knowledge is another field which has experienced a real revolution: we now have free access to all kinds of news thanks to the internet, which is surely the greatest source of information of all. As a matter of fact, it is a democratic means of communication that can be hardly manipulated by politics.

On the other hand, however, globalization has some drawbacks too: many people have a critical stand towards the powers of globalization, because they are frightened of losing their freedom and privacy. In my opinion, being worried about so tremendous a change is understandable, but we must face it, not avoid it cowardly complaining about its flaws.

All in all, having a positive attitude towards the future is the right way to deal with our new globalized world. Only in this way we can take the most out of it.

Feedback: Interesting ideas, but the topic of the text seems to be "the internet" more than globalization.

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