Monday, 2 July 2018

A travel magazine has asked readers to send in articles on their favourite public building, a town hall or a museum, for example. You decide to write an article in which you describe your favourite public building, explain why it is your favourite building and assess its significance for the wider community.
Write your answer in 280-320 words in an appropriate style.
Write your article

Feedback in red


As I was a curious child, I was constantly asking questions, eager to know more and more about the world surrounding me. I just enjoyed learning new facts each passing day. Then, after being told off because of my insistence, I kind of felt embarrassed of asking. However, I found something that could ease my enthusiasm: books. (Relevant? See comment below)

However, there was no library in my village. So, even though sport was not my cup of tea, I rode my bike everyday to the nearest town, which did have a library. I was regarded as the weirdest child in my generation and my parents could not understand my reasons. Maybe because for them, reading books and gaining new knowledge was not that important. (Relevant? See comment below)

However, I still think that they are wrong. Libraries are crammed with books, which are full of knowledge. Not only that, but also libraries have computers so, even if you do not have the means to buy one and explore the internet, which is also full of information, you can just go to the library and finish your school assignment or learn a new skill. The best part is that you can make use of any library for free, so it is useful for the community, not least for modest people. It does not matter whether you do not want to feel the scent of the flipping pages of a book or make use of the internet: libraries are a peaceful sanctuary in which you can just sit and relax. Moreover, for those who do not know, some libraries give out lessons on different subjects for free, so this could be a great opportunity to learn new skills as well.

You may think of me as a boring, bookish girl, but do you know what? Last year I won the first prize in a TV show thanks to my knowledge in different subjects, and currently I have money to burn. So, remember: knowledge means power.

General feedback
First two paragraphs are "cute" as a story but not relevant to the task. You should write the introduction about the library, and focus on it. This is a great chance for you to show off your      CPE-level vocabulary connected with architecture and design, for example. Tell us when the library was built, with what material, by whom, how many books it has... Also, how is this building important for your town?  

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